How does it work, sell my car in Switzerland?

  1. You offer us your vehicle and we are interested ≡ ↓
  2. We set an appointment to see the vehicle ↓
  3. We carry out a quick inspection ↓
  4. We buy it from you ↓
  5. We pay you cash, in the Bank, with Post-pay-slip or with Bank Transfer
  6. We can leave with the bought vehicle using our Garage license plates which are fully Insured for any vehicle in Switzerland or we reserve the car with advance payment until you have your new car or untill the day you do not need it anymore we come and pick it up.

Changing of vehicle ownership in Switzerland is quite simple as long as there is no depts or Leasing involved, all you have to do is visit the Automobiles Authority Office in your canton and get the Vehicle-card "Carte grise or Fahrzeugausweiss" Canceled. We can do that for you 100% Free of charge.

Your licence plates belong to you, you can either deposit them for later use or give them back when you cancel the Vehicle-card or keep them to be used on your next vehicle, the moment you cancel your vehicle-Card your Insurance stops for that certain vehicle. After the cancelation of the vehicle you may drive the car for 12 hours or before midnight same day making it easier to deliver the car. * Please verify this information at the desk or by phone as laws can change.

Why sell your vehicle to us?

With more then 25 years of experience in the Swiss second-hand and vehicles export business in Switzerland, we are able to precisely evaluate your vehicle and offer you a decent price. Moreover, once the payment is done, you are not responsible and therefore will never be caught off guard by the future buyer. You read that right: you can sell your vehicle to us in and relax!

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