We Buy used vehicles in Switzerland

We buy second-hand vehiclesall brands from 2005 to 2017, with low or high mileage from Sfr 200.- to 25'000.- even in its actuel condition for export, We are looking for: Limousine Cars, Small Cars, Sports Cars, SUV/Jeep, BUS and Utility

We come to your Location
Pay Cash or Bank transfer
Transportation Free

  • You offer us your vehicle either by phone 076 442 90 59, or by filling out the Form and We are interested ≡, We set an appointment to see the vehicle and make a quick inspection 10 to 15 minutes on the spot we buy it from from you, we pay you in cash and leave with the car using our Garage license plates, or book the vehicle with a deposit until you have your new car for example.

  • We are the specialists in the field of purchase and export of vehicles in Switzerland. We are able to offer you a very advantageous price, moreover, once the payment made, you are not more responsible and will thus never be taken unprepared by the future buyer. You read correctly: you can sell your car at Occachat.ch without having to buy another one! By selling your car at Occachat.ch, you will not be held responsible for any warranty.

What is the difference between second-hand and export vehicles?

Second-hand vehicles, are normally in good condition, the body is in good shape and the mileage is not too high. It should not be like new, Should be still fit for the Swiss market because it will be resold with guarantee that we must offer to the future driver.

Export vehicles here means that they work, but are not worth going through the technical control, or because they have problems that can be repaired cheaper outside of Switzerland, or because they have a high mileage or even broken down etc.